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Average American Dream Wedding Costs $42,000 Approximately, Says Experts

Are you tying your nuptial knot soon? Do you stay in the USA? And want to know your wedding costs? Stay tuned.

We all dream of our wedding day. How it will be, what we will do, etc. But it does come with a hefty price. Recent surveys say so. As per statistics, the expenses of a “dream” wedding costs about $42,000.

This research was conducted recently on 2000 random couples aged between 18 to 55 years (Americans) who were getting hitched.

Americans are not at all compromising when it is about their D-day. “Nearly 90% of people agreed that “venue” was the most non-negotiable aspect in their fairy-tale wedding.” Besides the venue, the cake was the second precedence, and third was the bride and grooms’ outfits.

Why American Dream Wedding Costs $42,000?

An American perfect wedding includes open bar, lavish venues, speeches shorter than 10 minutes, live band performances, and roses in the decoration. The study conducted by Minted Weddings, discovered around 48% of Americans envision unique weddings rather traditional.

The survey concluded that nearly half of respondents (49%) desired white color attires and wedding decorations while the other half were unafraid to show off their bold side by pairing in black. Most of the couples asked for classy flowers including tulips, lilies, baby’s breath, and gardenias as their venue garlands.

Three out of ten people preferred modern wedding rather than traditional church bells and a ballroom.

Furthermore, an ideal wedding consists of not more than 100 attendees. The number of guests is usually mid-ranged. Here 92 were the average invitees. Also, the study stated that almost 72 guests go through wedding websites for planning and concepts.

Well, the list is not completed without mentioning DJs/ bands and speeches by the bride’s family. For a few the speech of the bride’s mothers was important, and the other half mentioned that they are looking for a speech by the bride’s father.

Whatever the case may be. We all know one thing that marriages are made in heaven and executed on earth. This heavenly ceremony includes our loved ones.

For your dream wedding, all you need is great planning and currency. To curb wastage of money and systematic execution go through a quick wedding budget calculator.

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