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A father saved $11 Million in Daughter’s Wedding Support Homeless People

An Indian Billionaire chose to spend 11 million dollars to construct houses for homeless people over funding his daughter’s wedding.

If we were billionaire, we would have thought about luxuries, grand parties, premium destinations wedding, holidays in Spain, etc. Extravagant hotels and suites for guests’ and after wedding relaxations via lavish spas.

Everything is just perfect regardless of expenditures. It’s not much hard, isn’t it? But that’s not every billionaire’s dream. Some love to do charities and philanthropic activities for social good.

One “Big B” member of India, Mr. Ajay Munot, changed the outlook of the public by building houses for homeless people. He spends $11 Million to construct 90 apartments for poor and needy people. This money was to be disbursed on his daughter’s lavish wedding ceremony, but he decided to help the homeless community instead.

This was a generous move by Mr. Munot because this huge sum is difficult to arrange even by many welfare organizations. He proved that a thoughtful and productive idea can help underprivileged people and growth in humanity.

The Deccan Chronicle, a local Indian Daily Newspaper printed this news stating Munot ended up building 90 homes till the wedding date arrived. He said 18 more houses were under construction. Ajay Munot got this brilliant idea from friends and family. He further mentioned it was a mutual decision by the family. He made sure that only needy people get these houses.

For this, he made criteria that people living in slums and struggling for their daily needs should be given these houses for development.

In the words of Mr. Ajay Munot, “This is the new chapter in history, and I hope that same concept will be followed by the other rich communities.” He said, “We have some responsibilities towards our society, and we try to comply with it.”

The bride also expressed her happiness stating, “I am very happy with the decision and will consider it as my marriage gift.” Shreya Munot (daughter of Mr. Munot) was proud and grateful to her father giving back to society. On her wedding day, they opened the apartments and handed keys of the houses to the listed under poverty line people.

They have a very decent ceremony as father did not spend all $11 Million on charity. The money left after construction was employed at the wedding.

They planned these houses very well and ensured that each room is built spacious for more than 1 person. Each house 12*20 consisted of 2 windows. The house necessities like clean water and electricity were also fortified. He has done a commendable job for the poor people of his hometown Aurangabad.

The people staying in these apartments are thankful to Munot for making their dreams come true. This charitable move by Ajay Munot has brought positivity to people all over the country. It is also a great example of a selfless act for riches. We hope other wealthy people come forward for such a noble cause.

About Mr. Ajay Munot: Munot is one of the richest people in India. He is a businessman who is involved in the reselling of wheat and cloth. His enterprise with years has landed him in monopoly in his state. He hails from Aurangabad and his good deeds have taught everyone an important lesson. “Growing together and giving back to the society”. Spending money on lavish weddings is better than changing the life of 200 people.

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