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10 Interesting Wedding Planning Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

Giving importance to your priorities is the first step for better planning. We know this is an irresistible feeling. The butterflies in your stomach and confusions are very natural because you have thousands of decisions to make.

There may be times when you desire something, but you may fall short in your budget. But things can be molded with proper planning. You may get done a few things yourself to save pennies to be spent on your D-day.

Endless decisions and lots of work to do. They are hectic, confusing, and overriding. But the tips and tricks so mentioned in this article are to get the whole shebang sorted quickly. To begin with just ask your friends, family, and your spouse to help you wherever they can.

Now, why do you want these tips?

Chiefly, these are to save your money. To pay all your bills without compromising on your dreams. It happens, people often end up getting loans after marriage. It is because the budget always goes up due to things that are planned suddenly.

Interesting Wedding Planning Tips

Despite wasting your hard-earned money save them for sponsoring your honeymoon trip. Here is when these wedding tips will help you. Have a look.

  1. Guests come first: Always decide mutually and jot down the number of guests attending your wedding. This will help you get a venue that can accommodate the crew. There should be ample space for each guest to settle down. Precisely 25 to 30sq ft space is suggested for each member. You might think that’s very much but tables, dance floor, band, etc. just cover them all.
  2. Go for Handy Wedding Dates: Always pick available dates. For this, you need to check the calendar and pick dates that do not have any charity or local festival. This affects prices overall including hotels, venues, catering, etc. Largely, couples prefer tying knots on Saturday and Sunday due to which prices hike up to 20%. Get knotted on weekdays to save more (A pro tip).
  3. Choose a Thoughtful Venue: The first major expense as per records says that 60% of marriage outflow goes to the “venue”. There are a few important questions that you need to ask yourself before you pick one, like:

What is your budget?

Do you want a destination wedding? Are you looking for a grand wedding? Would you prefer an all-inclusive venue or caterer will be different?

With all these questions you will be able to decide what you want and how much costs your venue will incur.

  1. Snoop Mother Nature: Chilly winters and hot summers is a big NO for weddings. It is seen that guests skip such weddings and if attended they leave premises early. Bugs and flies swarm up in a few weather conditions and seasons. Call the pest control team before and alleviate bugs problem amidst hall and rooms.
  2. Your Credit Card is a Saviour: We don’t encourage you to spend over-the-top but when you need to pay bills check reward points collected by you for extra discounts on flight tickets and hotel bookings. Even you can book tickets or do payments via credit cards which have offers and discounts.
  3. Pay it onward: Ask your photographer who is the best florist and caterer in town. They have good knowledge of vendors and marketplace. Even some may tell you a known person who may charge you nominally for the same.
  4. Check upon guest list: The more the guest, the more will be the expenditure. Suppose one-person table dining costs you $100 eliminating 10 guests will save your $1000. It is good when you are budget conscious and you know your budget is going high.
  5. Bargaining isn’t that bad: Ask for freebies and extra things. There is nothing harm is asking extra tables or cocktails; you might get perks, trust me. Also, meet vendors early so that you can do market research and get the best prices. It is seen that booking early saves 10%.
  6. Seek advice from family and friends: Reach out to your family and friends who have got hitched recently. They will advise you and will help you in checking lists. Ask them vendors numbers and addresses for further inquiries. Additionally, you might get some friends’ numbers in the businesses, you never know.
  7. Leave room in your wallet: Always keep leverage of 10%. Saving money on small things that can be done on your own is a great idea. Afterall every penny counts. It is essential to allocate 5 to 10% budget for immediate expenses like extra invites, tailoring, ribbons, etc. depending on weather conditions.

Are you confused about where to begin with? So, take a quick quiz through the wedding cost calculator. This will help you get an approximate budget you will need for your entire wedding ceremony.

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