Free Wedding Cost Calculator: How much will your Wedding Cost?

Find out how much will your wedding cost using our free wedding cost calculator here. Put in all your requirements and we’ll calculate wedding cost right away.

Wedding Cost Calculator

Congratulations on your engagement! We know this phase is full of excitement, adrenaline rush, and chaos. Picking a new wedding dress, deciding venue, looking for the best wedding gowns, delectable cake, and, yes- a special song performance with your beloved on your D-day. 

But before you get into shopping and stuff you need to figure out how much you will spend on your wedding? Nervous, Yeah! Don’t be. We are here to cater to all the budgeting issues.

wedding venue cost calculator

From DJs, venue, photographers, caterers, to rings, number of guests, number of bridesmaids, clothing, etc. Everybody’s definition of marriage is different. Some want it to be a fairy-tale and others want to be unique and wild. But one thing we all wish is to make our wedding ceremony memorable.

Weddings don’t come cheap! That’s True.

We have researched wedding statistics from the two sassy cities the UK and the US. Surprisingly, the UK capital’s average is £46,200 that is more than the national average. Where London is the most expensive city to get married.

Cost of Wedding in US/UK

If we talk about the US average wedding cost it is somewhere $38,700 where a huge chunk goes to ceremony and reception. 

Around 28% of couples go into debt due to wedding expenses every year. Let’s break this money into fragments for a clear view:

  • Officiant: $300
  • Venue: $6,000
  • Cake: $600
  • Décor: $1,400
  • Dress and Flowers: $5,000
  • Catering: $7,000
  • DJ: $3,800
  • Photography: $ 2,500

That’s not all. It is just a rough assessment of 10 weddings in town.

Another factor that you need to know is marriage cost varies from city to city. In New York city it might hike up to $50,000 or more while in Ohio you may be spending $22,000 for the same arrangement.

This cost isn’t the sum of engagement ring and honeymoon. Well, we are not scaring you but just want you to be well informed of better planning. It is recommended that you should always keep 10 to 15% of your budget aside for your honeymoon. Also, don’t follow “Instagram Weddings” as you may get hassled. It is observed that a couple following such has ended up taking loans. This might exceed up to $1,00,000 when you count every penny, so beware.

Here, is why you need a wedding cost calculator so that you are one step ahead. Define planning can help you save money on your wedding. How? Let’s see:

How to Save Money on your Wedding?

Saving money doesn’t mean that you need to lay off your dreams. You just need to keep a plan ready for clarity. So that small things don’t pile up later. These steps will help you save money and still have a blast:

Set a Maximum Limit: This is where you need to be determined. How much you want to spend. You should be known how much your spouse is financing. After all, he is soon to be your family. Talk to your parents and make an absolute sum.

wedding cost breakdown calculator

List Expenditures: As mentioned above, you need a band, caterer, wedding hall, rings, priest, cake, drinks, etc. Make a list of every small item that you are eyeing on.

Estimates of Expenses: Do little research and get a rough estimate of your number of guests with the projected wedding you are planning. Make a checklist of your guest. Take out an average person drinks and eat. Of course, that doesn’t mean that everyone is foody but we know some might just take a sip or two and leave. Based on this you will get a rough estimate of food and drinks. Now comes the venue. So, choose one that you think is in your budget.

cake wedding cost planner

Make a Buffer: Here all other expenses including, staff, tips, decorations, tables, etc. counts. It is seen that last moment this can go up to 10%. Keeping leverage of 15% is always suggested for such stuff.

Target Budget: Now you are ready with your target budget. This figure is the maximum you can and you will spend at your wedding. Well, this is a lengthy process isn’t it but an accurate one. For quick and rough estimation starting with a wedding calculator is always a good and time-saving idea.

Deciding a Venue (Rural): People always prefer a convenient and obvious venue. Why? Here is where you can save a lot. This is the next big expense that you are spending. Either go for a country or a golf club, a public event space, or maybe a family member’s land. Trust me this is fun. Getting out of the league is always a great thought. This depends on the number of guests you are planning. If you are planning for 50 to 70 people, family land is the best option. They won’t charge you either!

Deciding a Venue (Metropolis): If you are residing in an urban area you can go to restaurants or small galleries. Well, there are plenty of options. You can also throw a party at your home backyard if you have enough space for accommodation. A public park is also a good option. For that, you need to get permission from the supervisor and public authorities. 

Leverage Personal Relationships with Business: Well, this might sound a little awkward but if you have skills you can exchange them with your local friends/ business owners. Like if a photographer is your friend ask them to click your wedding pics. Bartending can be done by cousins and known people in the hourly rate. 

Transportation costs nearly $1000 to 3000 dollars. You don’t have to get fancy buses. Get designated drivers or your friends who are ready to drive you to the wedding destination. 

For decoration get local flower decorators to work. You can also get potted flowers for décor that can later augment your garden looks. 

Reserve Lodging options: If you have many guests that have different lodging requirements, reserve room blocks at multiple hotels or accommodating centers. Always ask for discounts on hotels. They have special discounts and offers on such occasions.

On-Site Catering: Some venues are rigid and don’t allow outside foods and beverages. If your venue doesn’t have these issues go for good catering services that are in your budget. Make local flavors your priority, this will save a lot. Like grilled burgers, hot dogs, smoked chicken breast, etc. A small barbeque in open areas is good to go with. 

wedding reception cost calculator

Buy Your Alcohol: Caterers always charge more for their pint. It is good to buy alcoholic beverages of your own and get a bartender. Retail price is higher than wholesale prices. Go to a local warehouse of wine and get brands that you think your guests will like. Buy them in bulk this will reduce your costs around 50%.

open bar wedding cost calculator

Picking DJs: You have three options- hiring a band, DJ, or a speaker deck. The third option is the cheapest of all but it has many drawbacks. You need a professional emcee to play music on demand. The other two are solely your choice depending on the charges they incur.

wedding cost estimator calculator

Simple yet Tasteful Decorations: An elegant and live decoration can lift any space whether it is a park or a hall. Don’t ever hesitate to show your taste to the guests. Don’t over decorate your place. You are the center of attraction and the location should not look crowded. Candles, Mason jars, handmade materials, flowers, thin carpet, runners, and simple touches if used smartly can change the game.

Invitations and Thank You Cards: It is not important to splurge on wedding cards and notes. Instead, invest the money in ceremony and reception. A single sheet of paper with an envelope portraying an image of rings mentioning save the date is all you need. You can check on local vendors that will print the cards of your choice within budget. Else you can go eco-friendly by sending online RSVP wedding invitations. Simple postcards with thank you notes carrying your wedding theme and outlooks if possible are good. 

So, this was all about saving money on your wedding. We hope you will keep the above points in your mind and save as much as you can for your honeymoon. 

Start your planning with the mention details and don’t forget to check invitations and other essentials for your big day.

Let’s use our wedding cost calculator and see what you can have without breaking your budget.

How does Wedding Cost Calculator work?

Most of us save a good sum of money for our big day, our marriage. So, it’s important to smartly spend that money we saved for years. Our tool helps you get an idea of how much your wedding party is going to cost.

It’s a crucial part of the wedding cost planning, as it can help you make smart decisions. Yes, the ones which save you money.

wedding cost calculator

Invitation cards, catering, flowers, music, makeup, photography, videography, jewellery, food, wine, and dress are among the must-have and they cover most of the wedding expenses.

Modern wedding parties are also including newer elements which of course, increase the wedding cost. Elements like photo booth are becoming common day by day.

To allocate everything we have made a wedding calculator so that you spend wisely and make most of your hard-earned money.

  1. Firstly, you need to write in your wedding budget. This will get you to the line of spending item wise. Items so displayed has options. If you don’t want them to be included simply ignore that particular section.
  2. Once you have filled the necessary data your “Total Budget/Expenditure” will be displayed at the end. This will ensure how much will you be spending on the ceremony. Whether it will be less or more depends on the bottom line.
  3. Now you can compare this budget with the one you wrote down in the starting. Quick and easy, right?

If you have any doubts about this wedding cost calculator, write to us in the query section. We would love to hear from you.


Q: How much will my wedding cost?

A: You can use our tool available on top of this page to calculate your average wedding cost.

Q: Is this wedding cost calculator free to use?

A: Yes, our tool is free to use. We don’t charge for calculating wedding cost.